About Us

Welcome To OES2U

OES2u, a subsidiary under Guangzhou Ouyinsi, is a company dedicated to providing international logistics services to the global Chinese community. In recent years, under the leadership of its founder, Mr. Ryan Yang, who brings with him over a decade of experience in international logistics, OES2u has become an industry expert in air and sea freight consolidation in China, Malaysia, and sea freight LCL assembly. Through continuous innovation in international logistics solutions, efficient operational procedures, and a passionate commitment to its mission, OES2u has excelled in the field.

Our Philosophy and Vision

OES2U Philosophy

Our consolidation philosophy is to provide customers with a seamless, efficient, and secure cross-border logistics experience, connecting people and goods around the world to ensure the smooth flow of parcels.

The core points of our consolidation philosophy in English are as follows:

  1. Connecting the World: We firmly believe that logistics is the link that connects the globe. Through our consolidation services, we help people easily and efficiently transmit goods and items between different countries and regions.
  2. Innovation-Driven: We continuously pursue innovation, optimizing logistics processes, enhancing efficiency, and providing a better customer experience through the use of the latest technologies and solutions.
  3. Customer-Centric: Customers are at the center of our service. All our efforts are aimed at meeting customer needs, providing personalized consolidation solutions, and ensuring customer satisfaction
  4. Safety and Reliability: Parcel safety is our top priority. We implement strict security measures to ensure that parcels are not damaged or lost during transportation.
  5. Green and Sustainable: We are committed to promoting green logistics, reducing carbon emissions, optimizing transport routes, and operating sustainably to contribute to environmental protection.
  6. Excellence in Quality: We strive for excellence in every aspect, from warehousing to transportation, from customer service to technological innovation, maintaining high standards and continuous improvement.

OES2U Vision

Our vision is to become a global leader in cross-border logistics solutions, connecting people with goods through innovative technology and exceptional service, making parcel flow worldwide more convenient, efficient, and reliable.

Our consolidation vision includes several key aspects:

  1. Global Logistics Integration: We are committed to breaking down international borders, building a global logistics network that allows people to cross international boundaries effortlessly, enabling unhindered parcel transportation.
  2. Technology-Driven Innovation: We will continuously explore and apply the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and the Internet of Things, to optimize logistics processes, improve transportation efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.
  3. Green and Sustainable: We focus on environmental sustainability, striving to reduce carbon emissions, optimize logistics routes, and promote the adoption of green transportation methods to contribute to the Earth and the future.
  4. Customer-Centric: We always prioritize customer needs, continually improving our services, and providing customized, high-quality consolidation solutions to ensure that every customer feels our care and concern.
  5. Social Responsibility: We actively participate in social welfare activities, giving back to society, assisting those in need, and using practical actions to convey our care and support for society.